Independent Music Label founded in 2004 in Switzerland, by Florian "Buta" Chassot and Guillaume "Astrolab" Macherel. The former label's name was "Mama Music Records" until 2008, when it officially became Nagona Music Records. The label is dedicated to Reggae Music, including all its derivated styles, like Dub, Dancehall and more. We always work respecting the codes of this unique genre of music that is a great legacy for the Human history.

We create and compose most of the rhythms that we use in our prods, and play almost all the instruments, except some parts (mostly Horns, Keyboards, backing vocals), performed by other great musicians and singers. We then record and also mix all our productions in our own recording studio, "Constrictor Studio". We learn from every artists we work with, singers or musicians. This also is reggae music, "Each one teach one". We are very proud that we could have worked with big artists like: Rod Taylor, U Brown, Errol Organs, Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace and many others that showed us big respect for the work we have done together.

Florian "Buta" Chassot, born on the 9th of January 1981, is an autodidact bass player and multi instrumentist, active also as independent musician for different projects and live performances.

Guillaume "Astrolab" Macherel, born on the 23rd of July 1981, is a professional guitarist, multi instrumentist and sound engineer, also active as independent sound engineer and musician.

Home Made Rhythms :

- 50003 Rhythm : "African Soldiers", "Rastaman Soldiers", "Guns In Jamaica", "Ahidine Mafi", "Soldiers Dub"
- Kebra Rhythm : "Open The Gate", "Jah Works"
- Massoud Rhythm : "Wasting Time"
- King Alpha Rhythm : "On That Day"
- Flood Rhythm : "Let Them Go"
- Baobab Rhythm : "Hold On Strong", "Sweet Things"
- Saba Rhythm : "Nyahbinghi"
- Citadel Rhythm : "Freedom And Justice"
- Atalante Rhythm : "Babylon Is Going Down"
- Dark Sun Rhythm : "Hypnosis"
- New Rhythm : "Bless Me"
- Albator Rhythm : "Love"
- Sankara Rhythm : "Stay Free"

We also want to thank all the people that help us since we created the label, they are many, families, friends, musicians, singers, graphists and many more.
Big Respect to: "Horsform - Switzerland", "Irie-Records - Germany", "Eko Studio - Switzerland", "Dreadlocksless Sound" and "Lake Mountain Production - Switzerland": Maximum Love and Blessings!