Babylon Invasion is Johnny King's first reggae album, alongside Askaar Crew, musicians' collective featuring Buta & Astrolab.
The album was recorded in 2004 on an Akai DR16 and mixed in 3 days on a Midas 24 tracks mixing desk in September same year. This collection of songs written by Johnny King and arranged by Askaar Crew, contains various styles, including Roots Reggae and Dancehall, with African flavoured melodies.
It will bring you to a peaceful but conscious trip between Congo-Brazzaville and Europe, with true jamaican influences.
This album is Nagona Music Records first release. Out on the 20th of May 2005. (The label was still "Mama Music Records" at that time)
Available on digital and CD.

Johnny King And Askaar Crew - Babylon Invasion
Release Date : May 20, 2005
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1. Intro
2. Reality Of Life
3. Babylon Duppy
4. Free Man
5. One Day
6. Wrong Way
7. Bun Dem Faya
8. Solomon
9. Babylon Invasion
10. StarStory
11. Lost World
12. Big Up To jah
13. Dub Of Life
14. Dub Dem Faya
15. Dub Invasion
16. Dub Day


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