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Singer/ Songwriter/ Singing and percussion instructor, social and intercultural animator (Workshops), student of Music therapy.

Originally from Congo-Brazzaville, Johnny King was born in Pointe Noire on the Atlantic ocean in a multicolored atmosphere and landscape (racial and cultural point of view). He received a normal school education that he combined with the sporty and religious.

He learned to sing in a church choir at 12 years old… so, he draws his inspiration from the Congolese music of his childhood and from elements of his musical life…he also had an emotional heavy life with conflict around him. He have published: 3 albums with Black Style ( Hip Hop group, 97’-99’ in Romania). One album with Bakeluba (Gospel and Negro-spirituals group, 99’ in Romania). Johnny king begin with reggae music in 2000.

He released his first reggae album “Babylon invasion" in Switzerland with Askaar crew, 2005.

His new album “No More Stress” 2013 is a lyrical, rhythmic and emotional cocktail. A combination of sadness and joy together leading to the hope. This is an album world, reggae, gospel, funky…very committed, dynamic and spiritual. It is a product of many collaboration with musicians from different countries: Congo, Jamaica, France, Switzerland, Russia, Germany and Romania; co-produced by Johnny King.

This album is to be the result of Johnny king’s musical way until 2013, rich of various musical styles and intercultural messages… a style born from his artistic and psychosocial experiences. He is impressive at each of his apparitions as much by his natural musical talent than by his writing as well as by his interpretation of songs than by his scenic presence.

After “No more stress, official released on 31 May 2013″ on itunes and many others online stores, Johnny King come back with a new EP “RISE UP” 5 singles, October 2014.

It is a cry of alarm toward youth, a consciousness awakening, on the respect, the hope of becoming better and to be free of ignorance, to manifest the works of love and find a certain freedom.

A multicultural vision of work. A collaboration with a Romanian producer Alex “Brutus” Ionita in 3 tracks, Karie and a Jamaican track (Cardiac Keys riddim.)
Johnny king got the power of the African nature, an openness of mind toward discovering and sharing. He speaks firstly about love… his message is focused on openness mind and conviction of a well-being, first of all…personal.
Different shows and live concerts… : depends on demand and offer

Styles of music: Reggae, Dancehall, Ragga – Hip Hop

with some influences from: Funky-soul…Dance, Gospel, and Afro beat.


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